Where will you work?

The Conway Block Plant contains two levels and a completely separate building. The ground floor features five suites which can be leased individually or as adjacent units. It includes common entry and communal areas, such as restrooms with showers and lockers for employees.

The second level features three suites which can be leased individually or collectively. It also houses the common area, break room, and two outdoor rooftop patios. 


Level One

Level Two


Level One


Level two


Separate Building


Suite 108.png
Suite 108 Conway Block

The old Conway Block Plant office sits on the lot directly to the side of the plant itself. This building faces the street and includes a 601 square feet space with bathroom and space for tables and even a bar. With our desire to turn the Conway Block Plant into a technology hub, we are hoping to include a local coffee brewery for this space. However, this space has room for a number of options, such as a beauty salon, bakery, or any other small business. With its proximity to the road and ease of access, our goal is that this building becomes a new gathering place for all people of the community.  


Common Areas


Rooftop deck